About Us

Our Civil Litigation Firm

McJessy, Ching & Thompson is an aggressive civil litigation and trial law firm with offices on Chicago's north side. The firm was founded in Chicago in 2004 by three trial lawyers who were drawn to one another by their love of legal advocacy and trial law. Each of the named principals successfully followed very different career paths in the decade between their first meeting and the ultimate forming of what is truly a unique trial law practice. Prior to forming McJessy, Ching & Thompson, the principals each focused on representing an array of clients in civil litigation, including large publicly traded companies, non-profit corporations, benevolent organizations, trusts and individuals. McJessy, Ching & Thompson continues to represent this wide variety of clients.

We represent individuals, businesses, trusts, and other organizations in civil litigation, both in state and federal courts as well as in private commercial arbitrations. We also provide our clients with general counseling services concerning a wide variety of business matters, including counseling services to corporate executives and directors. While our roots are in commercial litigation and resolving disputes between corporate interests, an increasing part of our practice involves representing individuals to protect their civil rights under federal and state laws.

Our principals have represented clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies and billion dollar trusts to individuals and startup companies seeking to gain a foothold in the competitive marketplace. We view ourselves as trial attorneys whose responsibility it is to champion the rights and interests of those who have placed their faith in us.

Our Approach to Litigation

Our clients come to us with the expectation that they will receive the highest level of professional service. Providing that service alone does not make us distinctive. That is reasonably expected from any of a number of top tier trial law firms. What sets us apart is the willingness to think creatively, to look at each opportunity from a fresh perspective, and to aggressively pursue the objectives of our clients.

We take a goal oriented, and less process motivated approach to solving our clients' problems. Sometimes a traditional approach is the best way to handle a problem. However, just as frequently, we find that taking a rote approach results in a less than optimal outcome. There are any number of highly professional trial and litigation firms who can follow a well-worn path. Our approach is to look for opportunities to take a different road when we foresee that the well-worn path will not lead where our client needs to go.

Our size allows us to take a more personal interest in our clients' needs and to provide a higher level of service, responsiveness and attention to detail than has become common in the legal profession today. The size and nature of our firm ensure that our principals are intimately involved in the details of every matter we undertake. This fosters a level of collegiality that manifests itself in a personal devotion to our clients' needs.

Our Business Practice

Although McJessy, Ching & Thompson started out as a litigation firm, we have grown to represent our business clients in a wide range of commercial matters, including business formation and administration, trademark counseling and application and a wide range of contract negotiations.